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New Tires in Beltsville, MD

Professional Tire Service in Beltsville, MD

Having the right tires is essential to keeping your vehicle safe while out on the road. At Cherry Hill Exxon, we are here to help you choose the right tires for your car. We offer a complete tire service in Beltsville, MD, to help you determine if your tires are worn out and to assist you with choosing the right replacements.

Our professional staff has experience working with all types of vehicles and are fully equipped to inspect and test your car's wheels. We use computerized wheel balancers to test the balance of your tires, which helps to identify signs of wear and will let us determine if you need tire replacements. To learn more about our tire and wheel services or to schedule an inspection with our team, reach out to our office.

Tire Service in Beltsville, MD

Providing Proper Alignment

In addition to testing and replacing your tires, our team also provides solutions for proper wheel alignment. By aligning your wheels, our team will ensure that all of your tires are angled correctly. This helps to improve handling and reduce uneven wear on your tires, giving you a smoother and safer drive. So whether you are looking to replace your old tires or realign your current wheels, trust our team to provide you with the complete auto services you need.